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Wow. It's amazing how much i can toss down my throat these days!

Wawa: 2nd Attempt

After writing this post I didn’t think I would be returning to Wawa for lunch time (or any-food-time) again. Yesterday, however, I couldn’t decide what I wanted for lunch. I finally decided on chicken and ranch (I seem to get … Continue reading

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Saladworks v. Wawa

I have no food-photos for this post (booo, hiss), unfortunately. However, I was thinking about something today and wanted to share, (because I really haven’t been doing much of that lately either). I used to think that it was stupid … Continue reading

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I Pulled a ‘Folfatia’

Ihop for dinner on Friday – oh yeah! I made sure the ham was fried up before it went on my sandwich (and yes, that’s a portion of a pickle on the back side of the plate). It took me … Continue reading

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Who Knew Vegetarian Could Be So Yummy?!

Oh falafel how I love thee…even more so now! I’ve never had falafel in a pita with all the fixin’s and I must say…OHMYFATTY YUMTASTIC! I don’t even know what all I had on here. I remember saying, “Load it … Continue reading

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So I woke up this morning pondering what I wanted for lunch…it took a while then BANG! It hit me. My eyes opened wide and I knew right away what this baby belly was craving: Chili’s chips n RANCH! Woot! … Continue reading

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French Toast Deluxe

Remember that diner I told you about? Yeaaahhh…they’re good any time of day! This place has the best french toast I think I’ve ever had – and they even put strawberries and powdered sugar on top! Yay! To be honest, … Continue reading

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What’s a fatty without Oreos and milk? Well, not a fatty at all. 🙂

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