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If this is what food’s like in suburban California I’m moving there tomorrow.

This last California post has been a long time coming – that was two months ago! I wanted to devote some time to writing this one and it just never came. So now here it is. Haven Gastropub in Pasadena. … Continue reading

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I totally know how they feel.

Apparently there’s a pumpkin spice latte shortage?? See this Wall Street Journal article. Melodramatics aside, I totally get it. Getting just one of those a season is one of my many Heralding In Autumn routines (likewise, their peppermint mocha for … Continue reading

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As of this morning I am a newly minted devotee of French-pressed iced coffee. Holy cats that was good.

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As is evident, there is a lot going on right now and it’s hard to write. But I’m trying not to lose the habit entirely. Lately I’ve come across a really interesting liquor, Art in the Age Rhuby. Now they … Continue reading

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A surfeit of ginger

As my title says, I gorged myself on ginger today. Ate unhealthy amounts of candied ginger, had an organic ginger ale, and then polished off this: All exceptionally good. I have more stuff to post but things have been a … Continue reading

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Dude, check me out!

My recent strawberry purchase turned out kind of mushy, so I puréed it. Then I said, what on earth am I going to do with all this strawberry purée?? I think what I came up with on the fly is … Continue reading

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Just for you, Mom.

So my mother tells me she still always checks the blog and is sad when there’s nothing new. “No one reads it!” I said. “Well, I read it!” So here you go, Mom. The world now has photographic proof of … Continue reading

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