Thanksgiving in a Take-Out Container

When I found out that a diner near me delivered I about lost my mind! HOW FREAKING AWESOME!! I’ve never known a diner to deliver…and you know all those nights that you’re just craving something more “homemade” than the local pizza delivery place? Or the mornings (or late nights) that you could really go for some diner breakfast food but just don’t feel like leaving your place? Yeeeaah. This is the BEST idea ever.

So, the other day I was feeling a little Thanksgiving. Here’s what I had:

Bread, mashed potatoes, green beans, turkey, gravy and don't forget the cranberry sauce. YUM! (Oh! And there's a salad off to the left)

Thank you, Palace Diner! (Oh yeah, and they’re open 24 hours. Can I get a woot?!)


About McGrubbin

Wow. It's amazing how much i can toss down my throat these days!
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