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Healthy or not?

If spicy food is good for you I just added ten years to my life. Two fresh jalapeƱos from my garden on my cheesesteak, jalapeƱo chips, chipotle mayo and a couple fries. Or maybe it took ten years off. Only … Continue reading

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Hey.. The boss said take it…

The bossman cornered me in the kitchen, saying someone needed to take the last two pieces of sandwich wrap left from an earlier meeting… You’d think it was life or death… Oh well, I was happy to oblige…

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Saladworks v. Wawa

I have no food-photos for this post (booo, hiss), unfortunately. However, I was thinking about something today and wanted to share, (because I really haven’t been doing much of that lately either). I used to think that it was stupid … Continue reading

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If It’s Messy, It’s For Me

I love me a messy meatball sub! And lucky me, they make some good ones at the deli right next to work. Don’t ask me the name of the deli, I forget…Kings Highway Deli, perhaps. Anyway, this was scrumptious!

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