Saladworks v. Wawa

I have no food-photos for this post (booo, hiss), unfortunately. However, I was thinking about something today and wanted to share, (because I really haven’t been doing much of that lately either).

I used to think that it was stupid to spend so much money on a salad from Saladworks. It was, after all, only a salad. Yesterday I had Saladworks for lunch and today I had Wawa. I noticed when I was leaving the store that I had spent about an equal amount over both lunches. And what did I get?

Saladworks: Garden Deluxe salad, (romaine, iceberg, radiatorre WHEAT pasta, diced tomatoes, shredded carrots, cucumbers, sliced mushrooms and broccoli), a wheat roll and a small drink.

Wawa: small Frozen Lemonade, small cup of Mac & Cheese, junior toasted meatball sandwich, bag of kettle cooked sour cream and onion potato chips (to eat while I waited for my food to be made and then on my way back to the office).

Obviously I got more quantity at Wawa, but at what cost?

On the flavor scale:
Saladworks: Yumtastic!
Wawa: Eh.

Yeah, really no comparison on quality. Saladworks was probably healthier; it filled me up better than Wawa and I’m expecting it to keep me fuller longer; and I felt better after eating Saladworks than I did Wawa, (Wawa’s meatballs keep coming back up :/).

I take back what I once said about Saladworks and think I’ll skip Wawa next time around…


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Wow. It's amazing how much i can toss down my throat these days!
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