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If this is what food’s like in suburban California I’m moving there tomorrow.

This last California post has been a long time coming – that was two months ago! I wanted to devote some time to writing this one and it just never came. So now here it is. Haven Gastropub in Pasadena. … Continue reading

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So a food blogger went to California…

…and all she brought back was this lousy t-shirt. Just kidding, it’s very early here as I wait for my shuttle back to the airport and my wit is Not On. Anyway, I’ve been in Southern California for a wedding … Continue reading

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A surfeit of ginger

As my title says, I gorged myself on ginger today. Ate unhealthy amounts of candied ginger, had an organic ginger ale, and then polished off this: All exceptionally good. I have more stuff to post but things have been a … Continue reading

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Healthy or not?

If spicy food is good for you I just added ten years to my life. Two fresh jalapeños from my garden on my cheesesteak, jalapeño chips, chipotle mayo and a couple fries. Or maybe it took ten years off. Only … Continue reading

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Check out this spread!

Seems like I go out a lot lately, doesn’t it? But in real life, I don’t think I actually do. Isn’t that funny? From a happy hour I went to a few weeks back: We ordered the zucchini fries and … Continue reading

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Partners in crime

So those friends I mentioned. I miss them a ton since they moved out of state. Mostly because they’re awesome, in so many ways I can’t even enumerate. But also because we egg each other on to eat tons of … Continue reading

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So I woke up this morning pondering what I wanted for lunch…it took a while then BANG! It hit me. My eyes opened wide and I knew right away what this baby belly was craving: Chili’s chips n RANCH! Woot! … Continue reading

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