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I love this article

This Time piece about American food sums up a lot of what I think. Advertisements

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Liveblog II: electric boogaloo

Well, I didn’t remember to photograph the main dishes – it’s a good Pennsylvania Dutch party full of bacon and I can’t eat most of it – but here’s the ginormous grilling zone: But I did get most of the … Continue reading

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Live blogging the fam

For breakfast: Maple Donuts, the world’s best donuts in the world.

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Happy 4th of July!

For the annual family party, I made the chocolate chess pie that’s become one of my specialties. I can share a better picture than the last time I blogged it: Like brownies in a pie crust. Can’t wait till party … Continue reading

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Wasaaaaaaaabiii! – A Story About My Dad

At last, it’s finally time to tell you about my dad and wasabi. So. Let’s begin. My dad likes: meat, potatoes, spaghetti and meatballs, eggs (over medium) and bacon, brownies, General Tso’s chicken, Jamaican jerk chicken, anything on the grill, … Continue reading

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Here is how I celebrated: My dad actually turned me on to the marvel that is Jameson Reserve a year or so ago. He can match anyone on shots of the 18-year version. It’s amazing stuff. But too expensive for … Continue reading

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Somebody pass me the Pepto…

So tomorrow is my birthday. To be honest, I’m not thrilled about it. I’m not a fan of birthdays and would be perfectly happy to just ignore it. But my family is an out to dinner celebration type of family … Continue reading

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