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Wawa: 2nd Attempt

After writing this post I didn’t think I would be returning to Wawa for lunch time (or any-food-time) again. Yesterday, however, I couldn’t decide what I wanted for lunch. I finally decided on chicken and ranch (I seem to get … Continue reading

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Food tours, episode II: The umpasri strikes back

Pippi Longstomach had herself a good giggle the other day about the dwindling word count on my posts.  Laugh it up, riceball.. So anyway, Pippi and I paid our favorite Thai place a visit again, and as usual they did … Continue reading

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So I went to Nashville recently…

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Leftovas!!! Also, I’ll try to get my lunch update later 😉

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Fatty strikes again, or, how I’m a better eater than a blogger

So, this WAS homemade guacamole, and buffalo chicken fajitas. Sadly it took half a meal and a Pippi Longstomach text to trigger the “hey fatty! take a pic for the blog!” reflex. Moron. Anyway, here you go. It was delicious. … Continue reading

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Late to the party…

Yes, I’m late, my cohorts wrote their lunch updates days ago. Whatever, you’ll live. So here it is, my fabulous Chili’s update. Just recently they added this gem to their menu. It’s a honey-habanero chicken strip meal. And my goodness … Continue reading

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Huston, we have a lunch recommendation..

Finally… after months of being told by a coworker that I absolutely had to give El Azteca a try, we sauntered on over there today to give it a shot. The long and the short of it is I’m a … Continue reading

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