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Travel Series: California Edition (belated)

Finally going to try to get through the backlog from California. The rest of the backlog will just get to serve as filler whenever I’m not eating much good stuff this fall. So the reason I was in California was, … Continue reading

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No, seriously, what?!? A museum of gelato?!?! Get me there immediately.

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Travel series: New England edition

I am writing this post on a train from Boston to New Haven. Think I’m in Rhode Island at the moment. World traveler, that’s me! Anyway, the first half of the trip was business so there wasn’t a ton of … Continue reading

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La settimana dei ristoranti.

I am sure that’s crap Italian. I don’t care, I’m typing on a tiny little phone screen in a rush. Sapori was part of Collingswood restaurant week and oh thank the lord it was because it was heaven.    

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Oh, pasta. I want to have, like, a million of your babies.

Recently, a friend and I braved the older crowd to try out Café Aldo Lamberti for lunch. Was it ever worth it! Being both pescetarians, ordering was easy. We chose grilled octopus (it was good but I wouldn’t get it … Continue reading

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Che meraviglia!

My turn to pick a restaurant! I love Italian food more than anything, and especially with work being so intense, it was ideal. I prefer go to a local place rather than a chain, so we went to Joe Palombo’s … Continue reading

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A meal 100 years in the making

I’ll keep this brief.  If I ever turn 100 years old, bring the damned party to me, don’t drag me out of the house, limo or no limo. Granny Folfatia recently turned 100 years old, and I of course took … Continue reading

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