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A concert with, like, actual food?!?!?

So there’s this festival called the Shindig. The audience is about equal parts hipsters, families, and punk people. And me. And by me I mean the most generic mainstream nobody you could imagine. A guy in a band tee just … Continue reading

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Forbidden love

I have cut significantly back on pasta, especially the semolina kind (in the interest of avoiding the diabeetus). However, I still love the crap out of it and after seeing this am almost certain I will be caving and making … Continue reading

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My parents think this makes me a hippie

I used the greens from a bunch of golden beets to make pasta for dinner (and a batch for lunch). With cheese, of course – feta.

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Last-minute deliciousness

So pretty much I’ve got no food in the house, since I haven’t quite caught up after my travel. (Have got beer, though. Hit my summer beers badge on Untappd! Priorities.) Anyway, I stopped at Rosie’s on the way home … Continue reading

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Travel Series New England Part Two

In addition to that amazing first meal in Boston, there were two more dinners that I got to do outside of a hotel. Legal Sea Food (accompanied by Inigo) and Rustic Kitchen (by myself). Legal: All very good. Inigo got … Continue reading

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Travel series: New England edition

I am writing this post on a train from Boston to New Haven. Think I’m in Rhode Island at the moment. World traveler, that’s me! Anyway, the first half of the trip was business so there wasn’t a ton of … Continue reading

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Oh, pasta. I want to have, like, a million of your babies.

Recently, a friend and I braved the older crowd to try out Café Aldo Lamberti for lunch. Was it ever worth it! Being both pescetarians, ordering was easy. We chose grilled octopus (it was good but I wouldn’t get it … Continue reading

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