So I woke up this morning pondering what I wanted for lunch…it took a while then BANG! It hit me. My eyes opened wide and I knew right away what this baby belly was craving: Chili’s chips n RANCH! Woot!

I even started my morning planning my blog entry! Yes, before I had food or pictures or anything, I was writing a blog…in my head.

I planned to take a picture of the big bowl of chips and cup full o’ ranch and caption it as “This is why I come to Chili’s. For no other reason than the chips n ranch.” And then it happened. I was so hungry and in such a rush to douse my morning-long craving that I left my camera phone in the office. 😦 And if that wasn’t bad enough, I was so self-absorbed in stuffing my mouth full of ranch and chips that I didn’t even think to borrow one of my cohorts’ phones to snap the photo I was dreaming about all morning long. Booo me.

So, here’s the picture I do have, (thank you Inigo Folfatia):

The bowl in the background is what was left of our SECOND bowl of ranch for the chips. I got the ham & swiss (hold the ham, add tomato) half sandwich, a side salad with a citrus vinaigrette and…bonus fries!

It was good. I think the sandwich was more of a vehicle for my mustard than anything else. And really, OMG. I stuffed myself so bad I had to take Tums just to suppress the overwhelming urge for my lunch to come back up on me and all over my computer screen, (or hurling out of my moving car window and back onto my backseat passenger).

Now that you’ve been taken through the experience of my lovely food journey – from start to finish – ending with the beautiful image of everything spit back up, I’m done. 🙂


About McGrubbin

Wow. It's amazing how much i can toss down my throat these days!
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One Response to Chi-Chi-Chili’s!

  1. Nicole says:

    We had Chili’s for lunch on Thursday!!! With chips and ranch! YUM!!!!

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