Wawa: 2nd Attempt

After writing this post I didn’t think I would be returning to Wawa for lunch time (or any-food-time) again. Yesterday, however, I couldn’t decide what I wanted for lunch. I finally decided on chicken and ranch (I seem to get cravings for particular items). I could go to the deli next door, but that was the opposite direction and would require a walk then a car ride and that was just not appealing. I finally landed on Wawa, thinking that I could create my own sandwich. Only thing to worry about then was that they’d have what I wanted available.

I get to Wawa and of course, no. They only had breaded chicken strips, not grilled chicken. I can’t stand bread upon bread (i.e. breaded chicken strips on a roll), however, I was hungry and had limited options in my lazy state so, I went for it! 3 chicken strips on a kaiser roll, American cheese, lettuce, tomato and RANCH.

Honestly, it was good! I’m not sure I’d do it all the time, but Wawa sure has redeemed itself.

Update: heartburn onset 45 minutes after eating, however, I am less than a month away from my due date, so I’d say it’s fair to say Wawa’s sandwich may not have been the cause.


About McGrubbin

Wow. It's amazing how much i can toss down my throat these days!
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