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Green curry shrimp, delicious. Made my nose run. Needs no other commentary! Advertisements

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Food tours, episode II: The umpasri strikes back

Pippi Longstomach had herself a good giggle the other day about the dwindling word count on my posts.  Laugh it up, riceball.. So anyway, Pippi and I paid our favorite Thai place a visit again, and as usual they did … Continue reading

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Came for the sushi, left with Thai in my belly

What a change of pace that was…  Thanks to our recent lunch where I enjoyed Thai for the first time(pathetic, I know. Shut up) , I found myself looking at the Thai portion of the menu at our favorite sushi … Continue reading

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Quest for Vegetarian Place…Not a Success

So let me preface this by saying I don’t love my name on here. But my buddies seem to think I’m a master of puns, so I’ll let it stand for now. I did come up with the blog name, … Continue reading

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Black Pepper & Bok Choy & Chicken, Oh My!

To continue from Inigo Folfatia‘s Thai to the Rescue!, here’s what I got from Umpasri Thai Restaurant: I was slightly concerned when we went in and sat down. It’s a bit of a dive, which means that it could really … Continue reading

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Thai to the rescue!

Well that was an interesting lunch.  I had talked myself into the notion that just because we were heading for a vegetarian place, it didn’t mean I couldn’t enjoy a fatty approved meatless experience.  I mean goodness, look at Prince … Continue reading

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A late night visit to Pei Wei

Excitement! Intrigue! YES! (please except my apologies, as I forgot to take a picture of my meal before I inhaled it, so this is what you get.) Wait, what? Oh, right… Food. Anyway, late Saturday night, Mrs. Folfatia and I … Continue reading

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