A meal 100 years in the making

I’ll keep this brief.  If I ever turn 100 years old, bring the damned party to me, don’t drag me out of the house, limo or no limo.

Granny Folfatia recently turned 100 years old, and I of course took the opportunity to stuff my face.

Started off with a decent little salad, and no it didn’t come out this sloppy, I started eating then remembered I needed a picture.

Yummy salad

Thankfully the salad wasn't 100 years old.

Mrs. Folfatia and I shared clams casino for an appetizer, and while overall they were enjoyable, we found them a bit too cheesy.

Clams casino

Attack of the giant garnish and hot... salt... rocks... or something.

My main course was grouper piccata.  I thought this was fantastic. The fish was very nicely seared, and the sauce was good with a nice tang from the lemon.  The potato and sauteed green beans were nice compliments.

Grouper piccata

I only wish there was more fish.

I’d definitely recommend checking out Esposito’s Maplewood III if you’re ever in the Vineland area, based on this meal.  They treated little old granny, and my belly, very well.



About Inigo Folfatia

Where do I begin? Food: The final frontier. Wait, no, that's wrong. Food: I has it. You know what? Screw it. I give up, as being witty on the internet has never been my forte. I'm here to talk about food, plain and simple.
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