Travel Series: California Edition (belated)

Finally going to try to get through the backlog from California. The rest of the backlog will just get to serve as filler whenever I’m not eating much good stuff this fall.

So the reason I was in California was, for once, not work, but a family wedding. Originally it was to be a family vacation as well, but sadly we had to cancel that. But my brother and I still went out for the wedding. Bro, you’re a good kid and all, but let’s never get stuck sharing a hotel room again, ok? Anyway, we had a good time and saw many neat things and ate a ton. The night before the wedding we had dinner with one of my other cousins and his fiancée at an Italian place across from the hotel, the name of which after much googling I have finally found: Il Barone.



Because I always want to try something weird, my entree:

This had pesto, smoked salmon, and pistachio. A little on the salty side. Or, you know, a lot. The things I do for this blog.

And what put me over the edge into “walking gut balloon” territory – the dessert.

Slice of flourless chocolate cake with vanilla gelato

How can I resist a flourless chocolate cake? The answer is: I can’t.

They were on the pretentious side, to be honest. Lots of talk about how they’re the most Italian outside of Italy or whatever. All I could think is, I’m from Jersey, guy, don’t give me this. But they weren’t wrong about being pretty tasty. (Although if it weren’t for blogging I’d have had a much more traditional entree, which I’d probably have preferred. On the other hand it’s pretty awesome to say I ate that.)


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