As is evident, there is a lot going on right now and it’s hard to write. But I’m trying not to lose the habit entirely. Lately I’ve come across a really interesting liquor, Art in the Age Rhuby. Now they are pretty neat – they do organic liquors based on colonial and historical recipes. I tried their Root last summer and it was awesome and old-timey. But I’ve almost never had rhubarb anything before. As a sucker for totally off the wall beverages of all types, this was an irresistible combination of facts. On ice it’s just okay, but in some of their cocktail recipes, Rhuby is a gem. (Geddit? Dert.) Anyway, here are the ones I’ve tried:

This one is called the Red Hound and it’s with grapefruit and vanilla. I didn’t have red grapefruits in the house so I used regular, and used homemade rosemary sugar for the rimmer. Delicious and festive.

This one is the Rhuby Tonic, so about what you’d expect (tonic, bitters) plus herbs and honey. I used thyme, two mints, and basil because they’re what was in my garden. Oh wow is it amazing. Maybe even coming close to my top five for mixed drinks. Honestly, both are pretty well up there.

And I used herbs from my own balcony in both! I just love that.

Oh Art in the Age, how did you know you’d find suckers out there like me?! I also read that you’ve just debuted a sage one. It’s like you’re living inside my brain!


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In my home all hungry times are one o'clock. -C.S. Lewis
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