A late night visit to Pei Wei

Someone forgot to take a pic before eating...

In bed!!

Excitement! Intrigue! YES! (please except my apologies, as I forgot to take a picture of my meal before I inhaled it, so this is what you get.)

Wait, what? Oh, right… Food. Anyway, late Saturday night, Mrs. Folfatia and I decided to pay a visit to Pei Wei in Cherry Hill. I had only been here one time before, and knew exactly what i wanted: Thai Dynamite. My goodness I love this dish, with crispy chicken, and brown rice with a few teaspoons of chili paste stirred in is a mouthwatering combo of spicy deliciousness. My tongue might still be numb today, but it was well worth it at the time.

On that note, till next time, fellow fatties!


About Inigo Folfatia

Where do I begin? Food: The final frontier. Wait, no, that's wrong. Food: I has it. You know what? Screw it. I give up, as being witty on the internet has never been my forte. I'm here to talk about food, plain and simple.
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