Casona 2

Yup, same restaurant twice in one week. Who cares? I love restaurants. This was shrimp enchilado and it was amazing. So spicy my nose ran!


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Moules et frites

Unlike me, the people at Iron Hill know how to rinse a mollusk properly.


This was so, so good. Honestly, I can’t remember ever having had a bad meal at the Iron Hill restaurants. Sorcery! (Now if only I hadn’t embarrassed myself by forgetting that my date spoke French and ‘splaining what “moules” was.)

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This weekend I went back to Casona for the first time in a while. I remembered from my birthday last year that their veggie options were just all right, so I went with the tuna.

The tuna part itself was good but nothing super memorable – what made it so good was all the stuff around it. See those things that look like carrot shavings? Nope. Crispy sweet potato strings.

Now the funny thing is, I say that was my first time back there in a while. It’s also my first time there this week. How random!

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Sad face (but yum)

Next week will be the last Collingswood farm market of the year! I’ll miss it. Today for lunch Tortilla Press had these unusual quesadillas: pumpkin, black beans and goat cheese. Unexpectedly sweet; reliably tasty.


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Patriotic Eating (and Drinking)

In honor of Election Day, here are some cute links:

What Your Booze Says About Your Politics

What Your Food Says About Your Politics

Hope you voted!

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Unusual toppings

It’s not the much-missed pumpkin pizza from Rome, but this butternut squash version was pretty tasty. (Normally they make it with sausage; I skipped that part.)


Hopefully it’ll taste good cold if this hurricane knocks power out. East coasters take care!

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Forbidden love

I have cut significantly back on pasta, especially the semolina kind (in the interest of avoiding the diabeetus). However, I still love the crap out of it and after seeing this am almost certain I will be caving and making some for my dinner tonight.

What kind of pasta is on your plate?

What kind of pasta is on your plate? by Charming Italy

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