Told you I had more ice cream up my sleeve

Last month I traveled to Vermont – a trip, for once, with no work component. And ever since I was a teenager I’ve wanted to tour the Ben & Jerry’s factory. So we took a break from our brewery-filled schedule and did that.

It was so cute and really fun. Here is my sample cup of the salted caramel flavor they had at the end of the tour:


It was very, very tasty. Then we went to the part I was really there for: the Flavor Graveyard. I never remember to take travel pics but of this? Like a dozen. Probably more than the rest of my trip combined. This one gives the best sense of it I think:


It was adorable, and I just wish it had allllll the flavors. I’m still not over them scrapping Bovinity Divinity back in the day. But at least they’ve resurrected Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz! That was my addiction back in the 90s.


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In my home all hungry times are one o'clock. -C.S. Lewis
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