Pickles and ice cream I’ve heard of…but pickle ice cream?

Last weekend I met a long-distance friend for dinner in Washington, D.C. Dinner itself was just standard Thai, but we stopped at Rosa Mexicano for dessert, because they had an ice cream festival!

So here is the spread:


To the left, observe the bf’s selection: sweet cream and chocolate, strawberry rose, and plantain/peanut butter. In the center, churros and dippers courtesy of my no-dairy friend. To the right: my weirdo self, with the sweet cream flavor, plus honey-amaranth, and “Mexican sour gherkin and jalapeño sorbet.”

In my book, the winners were the honey one and the gherkin, actually. It was delicious – like sweet cucumbers with a little kick. Strawberry-rose was also very good, as was sweet cream, but you know I like weird. The churros never got cooked enough to eat, but they looked amazing (and the restaurant did a great job trying to make it right).

I wish I had pictures of the other good ice creams I’ve eaten this summer. Jersey blueberry ice cream here, and a maple “creemee” in Vermont. Might be one more ice cream pic around here somewhere.

Can you believe I just talked up pickle-flavored sorbet?? But seriously, it’s legit. Go ahead and prove me wrong.


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In my home all hungry times are one o'clock. -C.S. Lewis
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