Travel Series: Cali

Well, I love unusual food and weird restaurants and pretentious places and holes in the wall and just about everything. My baby brother, on the other hand, was ten before he ate anything that wasn’t PB&J or a chicken nugget. He is much better these days, actually. But he doesn’t share my love of the kooky, the snooty, the bizarre, the weird junk that no one else will eat. He likes middle-of-the-road, dependable food. When we travel together it involves much compromise on restaurants. So thank Deity of Choice for the AroundMe app, because it saved us from a knockdown, drag-out brawl by finding a Mexican place, El Ranchito, in Corona del Mar. We both liked it! In fact, I’d say we gorged ourselves.

Luckily you can find any menu online these days. Their menu tells me this was shrimp ceviche. Mostly I just remember it was GOOOOOD.

Baja Bowl with fish. If I recall correctly, I couldn’t quite finish this to the bottom of the bowl – but it sure wasn’t for lack of trying.

For me, I’d consider moving out there just for the access to avocados. I would plant avocado trees on every square inch of land I could, and put their fruit in all my meals. Including dessert. Including drinks. I’d bathe in them. I am the Avocountess of Bathory.


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In my home all hungry times are one o'clock. -C.S. Lewis
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