Busy day

Today I went on a wild cooking jag, as I am wont to do, starting around 7 am and going all morning. When I get this way I forget photos or the food isn’t pretty enough, but it sure was productive. First I made potato-leek soup (note to self: replenish veggie stock). Yay lunch for a week! Then I juiced half a watermelon and froze the juice. After that, I shredded 6 zucchini in my food processor (note to self: find replacement lid for food processor). With which I made one loaf of zucchini bread and a batch of zucchini butter (half of which I have now eaten because oh em gee delicious) – and still had a cup left, so I froze that for later. Then I made basil-arugula pesto. Note to self: it’s naptime.


About Pippi Longstomach

In my home all hungry times are one o'clock. -C.S. Lewis
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