I know when to admit defeat.

The Collingswood farm market is amazing. I went there on Saturday for (sadly) the first time this season. There was a clam seller from Brigantine there this time and I bought two dozen clams. I’ve been wanting to create a vehicle for the parsley type of salsa verde for ages – what an opportunity, right? I even had special wine for it.

Well, the parsley in my balcony was pretty sparse. So I did a half salsa verde, half normal steamers version. Then the cork broke in half in my special wine. All good. Then as it was ready I realized I had forgotten to consider a vegetable. A quick arugula salad fixed that.

I’d never made clams before and I admit to being a bit scared. Other than now calling myself the Mad Murderess of Mollusks, I handled it ok. (That’s a lie. I felt awful. I apologized to the poor suckers.) Once they were all done, though, I was feeling pretty confident. And they did turn out pretty good! Check it:

However, did you know that 4 or 5 rinses is not enough to de-sandify? I did not. They were delicious even with the extra seasoning.

HOWEVER. Here is the final chapter in this saga. After sopping up the broth with 3 (smallish) pieces of Italian bread, hastily boiling up a little pasta, and grabbing one more slice of bread, I’d barely made a dent in its depth. I know when I’m beat. There was no way I was ever going to finish all that broth.

Who knows if I’ll ever make them again. But I’ll always be proud of myself for giving this a try.


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In my home all hungry times are one o'clock. -C.S. Lewis
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