Ugly food

I have occasionally found that the best tasting food can be truly hideous to behold. For instance, consider the humble bean. Two nights in a row I had the most delicious dinner from a simple can of black beans. After an overabundance of cilantro I experimented with chimichurri sauce, and was casting about for things to do with it (fairly difficult when you don’t eat steak and every other recipe you find seems to want you to throw it on some potatoes). It is good on salmon, okay on veggies, and awful with mozzarella sticks. Just FYI.

So really, this was the simplest thing ever:
1. Chop up a small amount of red onion, sauté.
2. Dump half a can of black beans in the pan and cook till heated and any “bean goo” is getting thick; add salt.
3. Stir in some chimichurri. When that’s mixed, take off heat and add more chimichurri.
4. Top with something suitable: day 1 was a poached egg; day 2, chunks of avocado. I imagine certain kinds of cheese might work too.
5. Realize your dish is too ugly to photograph for your blog.
6. Eat.
7.Catch yourself practically making pig grunts.
8. Decide to post about it despite the lack of photo and plainness of contents.
9. Hope no one laughs too hard.


About Pippi Longstomach

In my home all hungry times are one o'clock. -C.S. Lewis
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