A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of revisiting a favorite of mine, Distrito, in the university city section of Philadelphia.  This is one of Iron Chef Jose Garces’ many restaurants in the city, and any chance I get to visit one of his places, I jump at it.

Knowing what we were getting into this time(Chef Garces serves tapas at his restaurants… essentially you order several appetizer sized entrees, and pig out. if you want to understand tapas better, JFG it.), we proceeded to bang out our order with amazing speed, notably falling over each other to order guacamole.

I HIGHLY recommend their guacamole.  It’s so fantastic, Lady Folfatia and I each got our own order, so as to avoid any bloodshed.

Corona, Spicy peanuts, and a KILLER Guac.. OM NOM NOM NOM

Wait? where is?… oh yeah, that’s right…

I had a stupid, yes, STUPID good Ceviche after the guac, but inhaled it before I remembered to take a picture…

From the menu, to assist with you failing to visualize what I mean…(Hiramasa – Clean seas YELLOWTAIL, HABANERO ORANGE SAUCE,


Anyway, followed that up with shrimp and chorizo tacos, which I DID remember to photograph. There were 3 very tasty, amazingly filling tacos.

Shrimp tacos... delish!!

I had a pork tamale after, that… while good… I keep forgetting not to get tamales… I just find them… boring.

Anyway, I finished it up with a churro for dessert, with a spicy Valrhona chocolate sauce,
and cajeta crema. Whatever either of those mean… other than “Both of us taste very good sir, please dip at your discretion.”

Churros for dessert, with dipping sauces, and coffee. I feel fat.

The decor was definitely fun… I think the guy likes luchadores…


They even had Nacho Libre on the damned projector! Awesome!

So long story short, if you’re ever in University City, give Distrito a shot. It’s truly a gem, and I cannot wait to try another of Chef Garces’ restaurants.


About Inigo Folfatia

Where do I begin? Food: The final frontier. Wait, no, that's wrong. Food: I has it. You know what? Screw it. I give up, as being witty on the internet has never been my forte. I'm here to talk about food, plain and simple.
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