Burmese Restaurant

Despite trying for ages, I simply cannot manage a Burma-Shave pun here. Oh, well, it’s not that creative anyway.

For something completely different, I went into Chinatown with a friend to try out Rangoon, a Burmese place. Who knew there even was a Burmese restaurant around here? Well, what a good thing there is. I’ve never had anything quite like some of this stuff.

This is an Asian tea leaf salad. It had peanuts, tomatoes, and a very flavorful dressing that I couldn’t place. It was kind of salty, but not too much so.

Thousand-layer bread, with vatana dip. It was not actually a thousand layers. The bread was flaky, a little oily (in a good way, haha) and a little sweet. Vatana are beans. This dip was excellent.

We split two mains as well:

Banana leaf fish – the fish was crispy on the outside and very mild on the inside. The sauce was a mildly spiced coconut curry. Something about the baby corn made it a little tangy. And yes, it was actually served on a banana leaf.

This was called the Monsoon Vegetable (described on the menu as “Eggplant, string beans, potatoes, cauliflower and carrots in a tamarind sauce”). It was delicious. It wasn’t too sweet, but just a little sweet. It was a tad reminiscent of an Indian eggplant dish I ate recently, but not too similar. Just very different, and very good.

This was all delicious, and for plates that were not as giant as in many restaurants, the food sure filled us up. We couldn’t even finish!


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