Great city…But where are the vegetables?

One of the reasons I’ve been so behind on blogging is travel. Every year, we all have to go someplace different for a work event, and every year it’s intense and exhausting in very different ways. A month plus of recovery time is fairly normal for me. This year, while still intense and exhausting – and perhaps even more eventful than usual – things were much more positive. I came home merely exhausted, rather than miserable and exhausted. And yet, more than a month later, I’ve still not quite figured out what day it is.

Anyhow, my point is that this year we went to Nashville.

Really, once work begins you have very little time to go out and see much, and you eat a lot of hastily-gulped food from hotel catering. The food can be quite good! But there is very little time for picture-taking. The day we had all-vegetarian lunch was my favorite day ever. Otherwise, when we did get to go out, while I ate well (as you’ll see), I could not find a vegetarian option to save my life. Or at least not one with, you know, vegetables.

One meal out:

Crab stack for appetizers. Including my old friend the avocado! Yay!

I forget what kind of fish this was. Tilapia, maybe?

Other meal out, at the BB King restaurant:

Barbecue salmon. I had to ask them to hold the sausage on this.

These things were all very tasty. Yum yum. You wouldn’t necessarily expect seafood to be that great there, but everything was good. The sandwich was delicious, and I even ate all the coleslaw (which I usually loathe).The barbecue salmon was incredibly spicy and tangy.

My only purely non-meat meal was here, and even that was kind of difficult:

I love waffles.

Excellent hangover food! Which was good because there were definitely a few days I drank more than I ate.

Still, pure, unadulterated vegetables were beckoning me by the end of the trip. By the time I got home it was asparagus and strawberry season and was that ever perfect timing!


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In my home all hungry times are one o'clock. -C.S. Lewis
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