Food tours, episode II: The umpasri strikes back

Pippi Longstomach had herself a good giggle the other day about the dwindling word count on my posts.  Laugh it up, riceball..


If I could afford it, I'd come here every day until I'd had every menu item

So anyway, Pippi and I paid our favorite Thai place a visit again, and as usual they did not disappoint.   Today I settled on the Thai basil lunch special, and requested they make it extra spicy.  Wow.  I think I’m in love.  This was really tasty, and the spice was perfect.  I enjoyed just simply soaking up the juices with the jasmine rice.

Anyway, i have a fussy little Folfatia to attend to.

Next time… A major league sandwich, from a major league ballpark.


About Inigo Folfatia

Where do I begin? Food: The final frontier. Wait, no, that's wrong. Food: I has it. You know what? Screw it. I give up, as being witty on the internet has never been my forte. I'm here to talk about food, plain and simple.
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One Response to Food tours, episode II: The umpasri strikes back

  1. McGrubbin says:

    LOL @ the title & calling our lil friend a riceball! haha
    Btw, I ❤ jasmine rice =9

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