Late to the party…

Yes, I’m late, my cohorts wrote their lunch updates days ago. Whatever, you’ll live. So here it is, my fabulous Chili’s update. Just recently they added this gem to their menu. It’s a honey-habanero chicken strip meal. And my goodness is it ever tasty! See, this is a problem with me. I always seem to find one menu item at restaurants that drive me insane… So insane that I have a hard time picking anything but that one item that I LOVE.

I guess what I’m saying is I’ve had a lot of fried chicken strips lately.

Honey Habanero heaven


Folfatia out.


About Inigo Folfatia

Where do I begin? Food: The final frontier. Wait, no, that's wrong. Food: I has it. You know what? Screw it. I give up, as being witty on the internet has never been my forte. I'm here to talk about food, plain and simple.
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One Response to Late to the party…

  1. Pippi Longstomach says:

    I don’t remember it looking so disgusting in person.

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