What a Triumph!

In my apparent quest for the most disgusting digestive tract in the tri-state area, I went out to dinner tonight.

This was planned several weeks ago, before El Azteca was even a glimmer on the horizon. A friend of mine recently got a new job in Princeton, which works out great because we like to meet there for dinner, or just to walk around and blow our budgets in the bookstores.

This time we went to the Triumph Brewing Company. Busy place! You could see the giant vats of beer up in a loft space above the bar. Despite the view otherwise consisting mainly of the rear ends of a bunch of dudebros crowding us from the bar, we enjoyed ourselves. Their Amber Ale was quite good. I actually managed to finish my risotto – being still fairly full from lunch, I’d ordered it with an eye to being easy to doggy bag. To be fair, it wasn’t as big as it looked. (Yeah, yeah, that’s what she said. I know.) Then again, I have apparently got the appetite of a Wing Bowl champion.

So it was a risotto with arugula, mushrooms, and mascarpone. There was also an egg yolk hidden under the pile of arugula.

Photo credit to my friend Linared.

Caution: I am about to experience food fatigue.


About Pippi Longstomach

In my home all hungry times are one o'clock. -C.S. Lewis
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One Response to What a Triumph!

  1. McGrubbin says:

    Holy-food day, girl! haha You sure are a champ! 😉

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