TV and Takeout Wednesday

For our third round of bad TV viewing, we went back to Toscana for their namesake pizza. The toppings included arugula, tomato slices, artichokes, cheese, and goat cheese. Typically it includes prosciutto, but with two pescetarians ordering, we left that part off. With a Caesar salad it turned out to be a pretty good meal.

Goat cheese and cheesy TV, perfect together.

The leftovers may have been even better.

Unfortunately, this event is on hiatus for a few weeks, so I’ll be going to Zumba class the next few Wednesdays instead of eating and loafing. But don’t think I’m turning in my food lover card!


About Pippi Longstomach

In my home all hungry times are one o'clock. -C.S. Lewis
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