Friday Lunch: Special Thursday Edition

My pals ditched me this Friday and did not come to work. This was truly tragic (insert crocodile tears here). But we didn’t let that get in the way of our lunch!

We went to the Macaroni Grill on Thursday. When we got there we felt like this:

When we left we felt like this:

...orgasbord orgasbord

The bruschetta wasn’t my favorite, but the mini loaf of bread was so good. The salad was good. My order was a pasta dish with shrimp, spinach, mushrooms, and pine nuts in lemon butter sauce. I had to force myself to put some of it in a take-home container or I’d have eaten it all.

Carbs! You are so glorious!


About Pippi Longstomach

In my home all hungry times are one o'clock. -C.S. Lewis
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